We all love The Original Del Taco Barstow!

There is no way to explain it to others except to have them go to one of the three Barstow locations and try it. It is at the halfway point between LA and Las Vegas so that makes it the perfect stopping point.

In 1954, Hackbarth, an Air Force veteran, got a job managing Bell’s Hot Dog, a San Bernardino restaurant co-owned by Glen Bell, who went on to found Taco Bell. By 1961 Hackbarth was on his own, founding Del Taco, in the tiny desert town of Yermo. The first Del Taco restaurant stands at 38434 W. Yermo Road, Yermo.  

With a menu of 19¢ tacos, tostadas, fries and 24¢ cheeseburgers, Del Taco brought in $169 in sales on its first day in business - the equivalent of 900 tacos. In 1964 Ed and partner David Jameson started franchising. In 1977 Ed and David sold the chain which had about 50 stores. But Ed retained the rights to own his own franchises.  Now there are over 500 Del Tacos.

If you are lucky you will get to see Ed at one for the Barstow locations. Ed is the heart and soul of Del Taco and the reason that the Barstow stores are so amazing. If he is there please say hello as he loves to talk with his guests. You can also taste food that was what originally planned for it to taste like in 1964. No other Del Tacos prepare their food quite like this. It is one of the reasons that they are so popular.

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